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LSVT BIG and LOUD are two programs that are clinically proven to be effective treatments for those with Parkinson’s Disease. The “BIG” component involves exercises to help restore / improve functional mobility, and the “LOUD” component focuses on speech expression. All exercises use the same fundamental principle of improving amplitude of movement / voice, to counteract the disease’s effect on the brain, which causes the perception of smaller movements as “normal.” By performing these exercises, you are retraining the brain to perceive “normal” movement / expression as “normal” again.

The protocol for LSVT includes 16 visits for BIG and 16 visits for LOUD, supervised by a licensed physical or occupational therapist (BIG) and a licensed speech therapist (LOUD). You may only need BIG, or you may only need LOUD, or you may need both, depending on your condition. The frequency is 4 times per week for 4 weeks. The results are beyond impressive and the best part is, the program can be altered/modified to fit the functional status of each individual, making LSVT a program for everyone with Parkinson’s Disease!

With all that is going on in the world with COVID-19, social distancing is paramount for everyone, especially those with pre-existing conditions, as they are more susceptible to catching the virus. This poses a big concern for those individuals with management of progressive movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease. Even post LSVT treatment, the individual must work hard each and every day to slow the progression of the disease.

Many individuals with later stages of Parkinson’s Disease have difficulty leaving the home for treatment as it is, and insurance restrictions on in-home visits oftentimes do not cover the required 16 visit frequency for BIG and the 16 visit frequency for LOUD. After completing a successful 16 visit frequency for LSVT, the fight is not over, and patients are advised to keep up with their routines post-discharge. Take all of that and factor in social distancing, stay at home orders, outpatient facilities slowly reopening, and the result is limited access for a patient to keep up with their routine.

Virtual Therapy Partners is here to help!

Virtual Therapy Partners has certified LSVT clinicians on staff who are here to help you with the management of your Parkinson’s disease. For those who need the full program, our clinicians can conduct an in-home assessment and set up your plan of care and perform visits either virtually or in-home. For those that have completed the course but need classes to “keep up” with their routine, Virtual Therapy Partners offers group classes on a structured schedule that you may sign up for as many as you would like. This is a great way to continue to combat the disease and the effects of the disease, and we are glad to offer these services to you.

Please contact Virtual Therapy Partners today to learn more.

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