The Advantages of Teletherapy


Peer-reviewed medical research has proven that teletherapy is just as effective as in-person therapy for patients that do not require manual touch for their care.  It is advised that you should contact your doctor, therapist, or other health care provider first to determine if teletherapy is right for you. Listed below are a number of benefits and advantages of teletherapy:

  • Convenience: Patients unable to leave their place of work or home for several hours in order to attend an in-person therapy session (especially if their therapy program entails multiple sessions), can now easily do their therapy sessions from wherever they are.
  • Time-savings:  By doing therapy virtually, you are eliminating 1.) back-and-forth travel time, 2.) in-office check-in wait time, and 3.) in-office waiting time for your clinician.
  • Time-based Opportunity-cost Savings:  When you spend time leaving your place of employment for an in-office therapy session, you’ve lost the opportunity to earn income during that time — a 30-minute therapy session suddenly costs you half a day’s worth of pay (in addition to the session cost).  With teletherapy, you only spend the time of the session itself, and you are right back to working without ever having to leave your office!
  • Reduced Expenses:  Teletherapy altogether eliminates costs associated with travel, gas, parking, and vehicle wear-and-tear.
  • Ease of Access:  Patients that live in rural/remote areas, are homebound, have a difficult time leaving the home, or lack transportation can easily complete their teletherapy sessions from the convenience of their residence.
  • Flexibility:  Teletherapy enables patients to have access to a greater number of specialists and can specifically select specialists who can work with their schedules.
  • Increase in Compliance & Consistency:  Teletherapy decreases no-shows and missed appointments that would have otherwise resulted from poor weather conditions, sickness, inability to travel, etc., thereby enabling patients to regularly and optimally participate in their clinically determined therapy visit schedule.
  • Enhanced Progression:  Since teletherapy enables patients to maximize the frequency of session scheduling (due to the sheer convenience of teletherapy), the patient’s progression through their rehabilitative journey can be optimized and accelerated.
  • Specialist & High-quality Care Access:  Teletherapy enables patients in rural lands to access top clinical specialists that are otherwise unavailable in their geography.
  • Privacy & Psychological Comfort:  Because teletherapy can be done from anywhere without having to be physically present at a clinic, patients that are conscious about social stigma and/or are wishing to maximize the privacy of their therapy/counseling sessions, can, in fact, maximize their privacy to the fullest extent via teletherapy.
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