Workplace Injury Prevention

Workplace Injury Prevention

As an employer, are you seeking to:


  1. Enhance workplace safety for your employees?
  2. Prevent employees from sustaining workplace accidents?
  3. Decrease and preclude your worker’s compensation costs?
  4. Minimize your total number of filed OSHA claims?


The VTP Workplace Injury Prevention Program can help you effectively and efficiently resolve these challenges.  As an employer, your most valuable asset is your workforce.  Maximizing employee health and safety has a multitude of benefits to enhance your workforce productivity, company culture, and bottom-line profitability.  VTP’s wealth of experience in establishing unique workplace injury prevention programs specifically tailored to the conditions of each individual worksite will enable you to actualize these benefits for your workforce with a clear return on your investment.

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VTP's Workplace Injury Prevention Program

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Benefits of Employee Safety & Injury Prevention

Preventing injury, maximizing health, and containing costs are advantageous for everyone that has a stake-hold in the wellbeing of an employee.  Risk managers, safety regulators, claims administrators, direct supervisors, and obviously the employers and employees themselves, all stand to benefit from establishing robust, well-architected workplace injury prevention solutions.  Some benefits of VTP’s workplace injury prevention program for your company include:

  • Decreased workers’ compensation costs
  • Reduced number of OSHA claims
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Minimized absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Mitigated employee turnover rates
  • Improved workforce productivity
  • Lowered employee out-of-pocket premiums
  • Enhanced public image, brand, and reputation

All of these factors contribute to notable increases in bottom-line profitability all-the-while bolstering employee satisfaction and morale.

One-on-one Employee Injury Prevention

By systematically assessing your workforce and focusing in on employees that clinically demonstrate a proclivity toward potential injury, VTP’s injury prevention experts identify and circumvent employee injuries from occurring in the first place. In addition to initial injury prevention, VTP focuses on curtailing, minimizing, and reversing progressive damage in employees with pre-existing workplace injuries and/or health conditions.


Key indicators of potential health risks to your employees include:

  • Employees actively manifesting symptoms:
    • Employees in danger of expensive musculoskeletal injuries often display minor symptoms first.  If left untreated, these minor irritations may progress into extremely costly worker’s compensation claims that result in substantial lost-time and significantly decreased productivity.


  • Employees with at-risk behaviors or poor formal techniques:
    • Whether physically moving heavy objects or typing on a computer all day, employees with poor technique or unsafe habits are at greater risk of workplace injury. If left unassessed, these poor form and risky habits can cost employees exorbitant sums in claims.


  • Employees working in ergonomically-compromised structures:
    • If a work environment is not conducive to optimal biomechanical movement, overall health, and safety of employees, then employers expose themselves to various fronts of hemorrhagic costs including worker’s compensation claims, OSHA audits and penalties, as well as high-dollar litigation.


VTP will assess all these indicators and establish effective solutions to maximally prevent any such losses.

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How Does VTP Prevent Workplace Injuries?

A successful workplace injury prevention program must be designed to simultaneously boost employee wellness and company profitability.  VTP’s Workplace Injury Prevention Program achieves this by:


  • Task Performace Training:  VTP assesses employee bio-mechanics as they execute tasks, corrects poor form, and curtails risky habits in order to prevent physical issues from manifesting or productivity from declining.


  • Early Symptom Intervention:  VTP identifies, diagnoses, and treats physical discomfort, pain, strain, and early signs of injury with preventative exercises and corrective task performance techniques designed by expert physical and occupational therapists custom-tailored to each employee.
  • Ergonomic Analysis & Training:  VTP analyzes each employee’s work environment interactivity and biomechanical posture, positioning, and performance so to advise employers on rectifying potential hazards while optimizing employee engagement with the work environment.


  • Employee Group Training:  VTP assesses your workplace and creates an on-going team training program consisting of dynamic implementation and follow-up sessions aimed at educating teams with best practices for safely, effectively, and efficiently performing tasks with proper form and technique.


  • Return-to-Work Task Training:  VTP integrates an employee’s specific work task performance functions into their total injury rehabilitation program so to accelerate the recuperation of the employee’s injury, rectify habits that may delay recovery, and simultaneously restore the employee’s ability to optimally function at work task execution.


  • Stay-at-Work Task Training:  VTP engages employees that have returned to work after sustaining an injury by designing an individualized program to uncover and rectify habits and behaviors that put the employee at risk of re-injury, thereby maximizing employee health and preventing re-injury.


  • Documentation Management:  In compliance with the law, VTP maintains precise and accurate documentation of every employee within a VTP Workplace Wellness Program, thereby ensuring accurate records are available for companies should they need to prepare for claim adjudication.


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Parth Mori

They have excellent knowledge. VTP helped my mom regarding her neck pain and migraine problems, and that really worked and was so convenient! I definitely recommend therapy here.

Parth Mori

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Joseph deGuzman

Awesome provider! Very knowledgeable and caring staff. Highly recommended!

Joseph deGuzman

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Andrew Chick

Highly recommend VTP. I was experiencing some mid to lower back pain/sciatic pain, to the point that it was starting to adversely affect my day, and connected with Justin. He couldn’t have been more friendly, thorough, and ultimately, helpful. Justin gave me a comprehensive list of stretches/exercises, with video examples, specifically tailored to address my lumbar and sciatic issues. My back has improved drastically and Justin even took it upon himself to follow up with me, without me reaching out, to see how I was doing. Couldn’t be happier with the service and will undoubtedly use them again in the future, should I have any more issues.

Andrew Chick

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Sunil Casuba

I HIGHLY recommend VTP. I have seen a quick improvement in my neck and back after following a couple sessions and routines from VTP! VTP adapts to your schedule and needs really well and really cares for you!

Sunil Casuba